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Design and art: Can commercial interests co-exist with authentic art?

Posted on: Sun 26 May 2019

The cliché of the starving artist implies that creative expression is antithetical to business success. But graphic designers are, by definition, in the business of bringing the two together.

At the same time that writer James Baldwin was renouncing all “corrupted” creative works, renowned designer Bruno Munari was making the case for commercial design to be considered a form of art. Following this line of thought, Ana Obradovic spoke with Adelaide graphic designer Lachlan Stewart to find out how local studio Small Room balances the desire to be authentic with the need to make money.



Produced by Ana Obradovic

Grabs and voices in order of appearance: James Baldwin, “The Artist’s Struggle for Integrity

Bruno Munari, “Incontro con Bruno Munari

Lachlan Stewart, interview with Ana Obradovic

Quotes: Bruno Munari, “Design as Art” (1971)

Photo supplied: Ana Obradovic


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