The nuke election

Posted on: Sun 5 May 2019

It’s now general knowledge that in the days before the federal election was called, Federal  Environment Minister Melissa Price approved a water licence for the Adani coal mine. Less well known is her approval of the controversial Yeelirrie uranium mine in Western Australia which occurred the day before the election was called. As with the Adani mine, there are similar issues at play.

These include;

  • The rushed approval process
  • Ignoring the rights of traditional owners
  • Far-reaching and negative environmental outcomes
  • Whether the world continues to rely on the old technologies represented by coal and nuclear.

To go over the Yeelirrie issue, Barometer’s Des Lawrence speaks to Dave Sweeney, anti-nuclear campaigner with the Australian Conservation Foundation.

Clandestine approval for controversial uranium mine is evidence Australia needs better environment laws

Government approves Yeelirrie uranium mine

Produced by Des Lawrence

Image: Hendrik Tammen



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