MoneyMob Talkabout helps with loans and phones

Posted on: Fri 3 May 2019

In March last year, the Anangu Lands Paper Tracker spoke with Deanne Gibbs from MoneyMob Talkabout about their ‘Loans and Phones Project’. In this week’s program, we talk with David Jedrzejczyk, who has taken over from Deanne as the Community Engagement Officer. David will be working with communities on things like handling Telstra mobile phone contracts and bills, some of the hidden extra costs in mobile contracts, and things to think about if you’re wanting to get a mobile phone.

David will also be sharing some tips about how to ask your mobile phone service provider questions, and how to talk to them about whether your bill is fair or not. He’ll be letting us know about the important things to think about and ask before you sign a contract.

If you’d like to find out more or want to contact MoneyMob Talkabout, give them a call on (08) 8953 2410 or visit their Facebook page at


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