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The autistic film critic

Posted on: Mon 29 Apr 2019

For Cain Noble-Davies, his foray into critiquing films haven’t always resulted in finding viable employment.

As one of the original participants from the first season of ABC TV and Northern Pictures’ Employable Me docuseries, Noble-Davies who has Asperger’s Syndrome self-publishes his own film reviews online, that eventuated into an internship with FilmInk where he is still a regular contributor.

With traditional news media reshuffling how publications provide online content on demand, getting your voice heard from other big name reviewers exudes a sobering reality about turning something that is perceived as a hobby into a proper, worthwhile job opportunity.

Noble-Davies spoke candidly with De-Stigmatised‘s Jarad about appearing on Employable Me, feeling inspired by the successes of celebrities who are also autistic and how excruciating back pain almost curtailed his ‘once in a lifetime’ interview with Hollywood director Edgar Wright.



Produced by Jarad McLoughlin

Photo credit: FilmInk


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