Bikes Palya and Zibeon Fielding’s Tour d’APY!

Posted on: Fri 12 Apr 2019

In this week’s Paper Tracker radio show, we find out about a great project called, ‘Bikes Palya!’.

‘Bikes Palya’, a project of Bicycle SA, runs programs for young people and communities across the APY Lands. It includes a whole lot of activities that are creative, mechanical and physical – such as school students learning about fixing, maintaining and riding bikes, as well as how to stay safe when you’re riding a bike. We talk with Joey Fagan, who is the Program Coordinator at Bicycle SA!

Joey will be letting us know about ‘Bikes Palya’s’ involvement in a very exciting event which is taking place across the APY Lands from 15th to 21st April. Zibeon Fielding is doing a 700 kilometre fundraising ride around the APY Lands on a bicycle! The bicycle ride is to raise funds for a community gym. As he rides from place to place, he’ll be talking with communities about keeping healthy and eating good food.

You can find out more on the Tour de APY website and Facebook page: and on the Bikes Palya Facebook page:

This program includes the track “Bicycle Race” by Queen, off their album “Jazz”.


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