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How language can disempower young people

Posted on: Wed 6 Mar 2019

Language is powerful and the terms we use to define ourselves and others can have a powerful impact.

Corrine Hamdorf, studied a Bachelor of International Studies and Linguistics, and undertook an internship with the Youth Affairs Council of South Australia (YACSA) in semester one of last year.

As part of her internship, she looked at how the language we use impacts upon and either empowers or disempowers young people, and more specifically, their political engagement.

She speaks to Small Change‘s Lisa Burns about her research and why we need to be more aware and intentional with the words we use, and stop using terms such as ‘kid’, when speaking with and referring to young people.

Produced by Lisa Burns

Image supplied and approved for use by YACSA & Blaze Pilgrim (Digido Studios)

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