Colin Wagener: Japenese surrender 1945 Borneo

Posted on: Sun 3 Mar 2019

Colin Wagener 101yo WW2 Veteran  – The Japanese surrender at  Labuan Borneo 1945.

Imperial Japanese Army General Baba held command responsibility for the notorious WW2 Sandakan Death Marches in Borneo during which 2,345 Allied prisoners of war, mostly Australians… died. Colin says that Baba was at the top of their ‘most wanted’ list when Colin and his fellow Aussies came ashore in LSTs from their convoy in 1945.  They were out to get Baba, and get him they did!   For over 50 years Colin Wagener didn’t talk about his WW2 experiences,  but he says “There’s the official version (of what happened) , and there’s my version. I want to put it straight”.    An incredible story here from Colin Wagener.

Colin backs up his interview with photos that he took at the time, and mint condition Japanese “Invasion of Australia banknotes”.

Colin talks about his Army Service:

Extras from after the official interview:


Main Photo:  General Masao Baba Labuan, 1945.  Colin Lens Wagener.  Photos provided by C L Wagener and used with permission.

Personnel of 2 – 3 field regiment land at Morotai 1945 copyright expired

Plaque at Labuan.  Photo taken by Colin Lens Wagener, and used with permission

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