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Review: The Riddalin Brothers

Posted on: Sat 23 Feb 2019

By Lisa Harper Campbell

Local theatre-makers Hew Parham and Callan Fleming have joined forces to introduce Adelaide audiences to the titular Riddalin Brothers, two competitive, playful and imaginative young men.

The show, comprised of cleverly structured vignettes, follows the Riddalin Brothers as they ‘grow up’ and potentially grow apart. Sibling rivalry abounds in duets in which one always tried to outdo the other. This competitiveness though often slipped into a sort of high-energy collaboration, as each performer excitedly made a new offer, both hungry to create the perfect ‘game’ or ‘performance’ and then enjoy it.

There was a clear connection between the two performers and this allowed for a fluidity that had the audience intensely engaged, never knowing what was to come next.

With brilliant physicality, commitment and most importantly a sense of fun, Parham and Fleming have created nuanced characters showcased in a tight 50-minutes of wonder.

The Riddalin Brothers concludes its short season on February 24 at the Mill.

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