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Review: Sports for the Unsporty

Posted on: Mon 18 Feb 2019

By Julie Cavanagh.

James hails from the UK, which is possibly why he had the nerve to appear in the shortest of footy shorts for this gig, setting the scene for his introduction of the range of new sports he has invented for those of us, who, like him, are sportingly challenged.

To compensate, he has taken some favourite kids’ party games and put his own strange spin on them. If you can, imagine extreme Pass the Parcel and a version of PacMan that needs to be seen to be believed. Audience participation is very much to the fore, with the whole venue divided into two competing teams, and, if you are not very careful, you may end up on the stage. Fortunately, those who did took it all in good humour and for their efforts, received a sample of an omnipresent small lolly that James took great pains to assure us that he was not advertising, but just happens to love.

His humour is non-stop and you have to admire someone who can think so quickly on his feet. The only jarring notes were his continual use of the phrases ‘brilliant stuff’ or ‘lovely stuff’ and the rather loud background music.

It’s an amusing and clever show, which will appeal to those who like to keep up with the plethora of good comics we always get at the Fringe.

In fact, his promo announces him as self-appointed ‘Sportsman of the Year’, and possibly, in light of these achievements, he may even be a candidate for the position!

James Hancox is in the Garden of Unearthly Delights until March 17th. Check your Fringe guide for details.

Julie Cavanagh

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