David Whiteman: WW2 and HMAS Strahan

Posted on: Mon 18 Feb 2019

David Whiteman:  The corvette HMAS Strahan WW2   (Part Two)

In 2016   89 year old David sadly passed away…  he had served in the Royal Australian Navy during World War Two, and kept extensive letters and notes from that period.  Shortly before his death, a friend, Vicki Crowley sat down with David and recorded his story.  Thanks to Vicki, we are fortunate to be able to bring you David’s story in his own words.    We brought you Part One of David’s story last week, and continue with his story now…

Part 2… David talks of his wartime service on HMAS Strahan,  one of sixty Australian Minesweepers (commonly known as corvettes) built during World War II in Australian shipyards as part of the Commonwealth Government’s wartime shipbuilding programme.  Following the cessation of hostilities, Strahan proceeded to Hong Kong where she was engaged in minesweeping and anti piracy patrols as a unit of the 21st Minesweeping Flotilla. The only fatality suffered during their service occurred during the ship’s visit to the little town of Strahan in Tasmania in 1945.

Interviewer Vicki Crowley.   Producer Helen Meyer


Part One of David’s Story

Jan Grosvenor:  Life with David Whiteman


David Whiteman, RAN WW2. Photo provided by Jan Grosvenor and used with permission.

Midshipman David Whiteman (far right) with colleagues WW2 era  photo provided by Jan Grosvenor and used with permission. HMAS Strahan Cap band photo provided by Diane Sladden, Strahan Primary School and used with permission.

HMAS Strahan WW2 photo.

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