Jeremy Last, Justin Wilkey: Walking Kokoda

Posted on: Mon 4 Feb 2019

Justin Wilkey’s job is to mentor Indigenous students across the state for the SA Independent Schools Association, including Jeremy Last from Torrens Valley Christian School. That step led to them joining in a Reconciliation SA event to walk the Kokoda Track. Jeremy was pretty happy to get the chance to go, since his great grandfather fought in New Guinea during WW2. As part of the experience Justin and Jeremy also met Les Arnel, a Kokoda veteran from SA whose best mate died there when they were only in their teens.

Interviewer Nicky Page

Photo: L to R   Jeremy Last (Student),  Les Arnel (WW2 Veteran), Justin Wilkey (Indigenous Secondary School Student Mentor),  Fiona Partridge (Torrens Valley Teacher).  Image and permission to publish provided by J Wilkey.

The song Yu Yet Yu Namba Wan by One Bell is included with permission of Hillsong Music and Ray Badham

This program was made with support from the Community Broadcasting Foundation



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