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Historical Henley Square

Posted on: Mon 28 Jan 2019

Do you remember the 1953 storm that destroyed the pavilion at the end of the Henley jetty? Or perhaps you caught the train to Henley Beach and swam in the salt-water swimming pool where Dawn Fraser trained for the 1956 Olympics.

In the 1900s there were promenades and carnivals at Henley, people sat in deck chairs and ordered ‘beach trays’. With the advent of cars and air conditioning, people stopped going to the beach and Henley Square developed a reputation for being ‘seedy’. But all that’s changed!

Marie Hagen, President of the Henley and Grange Historical Society shares these and other stories about the social history of Henley Square with Boardwalk‘s Nora Robinson and Gillian Anderson. 

If you have memories of Henley or photographs of your days at the beach, contact Marie at the Henley and Grange Historical Society.


Produced by Leon Bishop

Image source: Library of South Australia (Flickr)





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