Greg Carter: Cockatoo Rise Veterans’ Retreat

Posted on: Mon 28 Jan 2019

Veterans travelling from all over Australia are discovering a welcoming stop-over at Cockatoo Rise Veterans’ Retreat, a 50 acre property located in the beautiful East Gippsland area of Victoria. It’s a place to relax, unwind and recuperate if needed.  Run by Greg and Anne Carter, this incredible place is run on a shoestring, but still manages to work wonders.  Greg tells us how listeners can assist to ensure the continuance of Cockatoo Rise. He’s a person with a great belief in a positive mental attitude, and this is clearly reflected in his excellent interview.

Interviewer Helen Meyer

Cockatoo Rise Retreat website

All photos provided by Greg Carter and used with permission.  The first 3 photos were all taken at Cockatoo Rise Retreat, Victoria.


Greg Carter aged 19 at Puckapunyal Victoria

Greg Carter… he’d been on operation at a fire support base 20 clicks from NUI DAT Vietnam for about a month . Had not showered in that time and was wearing the same set of greens . After a few days at the start of the monsoon season we established that it would torrential rain about 1600 hrs each day , we decided to erect a make shift bath from plastic around ammo boxes . Caught the water and took turns to have a dip , I was 5th up as you can see the water is a tad dirty , then we toweled down and got back into our wet muddy greens for another 2 weeks .

Greg Carter with a Vietnamese child who troops had befriended at a US fire support base

This broadcast was made with assistance from The Community Broadcasting Foundation


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