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Survival Day 2019 + excerpt of Evelyn Varcoe Interview

Posted on: Tue 22 Jan 2019

Today’s APOTA show features an excerpt of an interview that Sue Gilbey conducted with Evelyn Varcoe which will help you realise that a fair go isn’t part of some of our first nation’s folks growing up! As well as Christopher Burthurmarr Crebbin live in the studio. Chris has been helping organise this year’s Survival Day celebration at Semaphore, he’s an artist, a broadcaster (with Radio Adelaide) and an articulate kind of fellow – who also shares some similar experiences to that of Evelyn. Chris also helps on Radio Adelaide shows Yarning Country and Nunga Wanga.

One of the main focuses is Survival Day 2019 –

Photo taken with the consent of Chris Crebbin and used with the permission of Clayton Werner

Production by Clayton Werner


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