The Firm contacts detective in Grange

Posted on: Tue 15 Jan 2019

Grange is steeped in history with many historical buildings of interest including the Marine Terraces (pictured) which are the only Victorian Terraces ever built along the coastline of Australia.

Take a leisurely self-guided walking tour of the Grange foreshore and village using this guide prepared by the Henley and Grange Historical Society. Or you can download a free app from Story City and be a detective searching for clues that lead you into interesting places in Grange. Interested?

Sarah Maddock, placemaking project officer from the City of Charles Sturt, explains the Story City app to Gillian Anderson and Nora Robinson from The Boardwalk. A great way to explore the village of Grange. As Sarah says: it’s awesome!

Find out more about Story City on their facebook page.

Produced by Leon Bishop

Image source: Gillian Anderson





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