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Disability diversity and intersectionality in media

Posted on: Sun 16 Dec 2018

Western Australian filmmaker, actor and dancer Daniel Monks became quadriplegic and then hemiplegic from a botched biopsy for a benign tumor on his spinal cord, which compelled him to explore both his physical disability and sexual identity through the powerhouse apparatus of modern cinema.

In a world where portrayals of people with disabilities are often misrepresented or parodied, Monks is persevering by demonstrating that ‘acting disabled’ doesn’t have to adhere to society’s perfunctorily ignorant ableism.

Monks spoke to De-Stigmatised‘s Jarad, revealing how producing, writing and starring in two films, Pulse and Broken brought him back into acting and why television studios in the UK are becoming more forward-thinking, progressive and inclusive when hiring disabled people.



Produced by: Jarad McLoughlin

Photo supplied and used with permission from Daniel Monks


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