Native Title and Far West Coast Investments

Posted on: Fri 23 Nov 2018

In this program, we find out about recent developments involving the Native Title Claimant Group – the Far West Coast Aboriginal Corporation – and the Far West Coast Community Trust.

We first find out a little bit about the history of the Far West Coast Aboriginal Corporation and how its Trust and income has been managed over the years.

In January 2006, a number of overlapping Native Title claims were consolidated into one claim. This consolidation – or joining up of the various claims – occurred after ten years of discussions, involving the ALRM, the National Native Title Tribunal and the South Australian Native Title Services. Coming out of all these discussions, an application for a determination of Native Title on behalf of the Far West Coast people was filed (submitted/lodged) in January 2006.

In February 2008, the Group consolidated under the Associations Act, as the Far West Coast Traditional Lands Association Incorporated – representing the cultural groups of Wirangu, Mirning, Yalata, Maralinga Tjarutja, Kokatha and the Roberts family.

On 31 January 2008, a Native Title Mining Agreement for Production was signed between the Aboriginal Association and Iluka Resources. This Agreement provided production income that could be used to support the work of the Association.

The Far West Coast Aboriginal Corporation (FWCAC) was then established on 2nd December 2013 and on the 5 December 2013, the Federal Court of Australia made a determination of Native Title in relation to the land and waters of the determination area. This consent determination recognised native title rights and interests in an area of approximately 80,000 square kilometres, and made the Far West Coast claim the largest Native Title claim in South Australia.

The Far West Coast Community Trust was set up and our interview today is going to be focusing on the handing over of responsibility for managing this Trust to Far West Coast Investments.

To find out more, we talk with Ian Westley who is the Executive General Manager, Trustee and Wealth Services, at Equity Trustees – which has previously been the trustee of the Far West Coast Community Trust.

The program includes two music tracks: ‘Children of the Sunrise’ by Adam James and ‘Cattle and Cane’ by Jimmy Little – both off the album, ‘Speaking Out’, produced by the ABC.

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