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New Zealand’s Space industry & Record Breaking Temperatures

Posted on: Mon 29 Jan 2018

In a historical first, New Zealand’s space industry announces the success of their first rocket launch. In the hope of establishing New Zealand as a leader in space business, the Rocket Lab launched a rocket, deploying three miniature satellites, into orbit on January 21 from the Mahia Peninsula.

Chief executive, Peter Beck, says that a geodesic sphere named the ‘Humanity Star’ was sent off with the launch. The sphere is expected to become the brightest object in the night sky. Mr Beck says it’s to encourage people to consider their place in the universe, and to reflect on their own lives and the lives of humanity as a species.

In other news, New Zealand faces a week of record-breaking high temperatures and  Renee Naufahu is sentenced to a year of home detention following several cases of sexual abuse.

Our New Zealand correspondent, Pearl Little, joins host Tom Mann to discuss.

Produced by Hazel Cameron

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