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AdlFringe 2018: “Get Sweaty with Cheryl and Chardee”

Posted on: Sat 27 Jan 2018

Lisa catches up with Adelaide Fringe veterans Mikayla Lynch and Alicia Norton to discuss their exciting collaboration, Get Sweaty with Cheryl and Chardee, coming to Rajopolis as part of this year’s Festival.

Cheryl and Chardee, two 21st-century women yearning for a simpler time, a time of big hair and bold fashion invite you into the wonderful world of semi-professional aerobics. A celebration of 80’s nostalgia and following one’s passion, Get Sweaty is sure to delight Fringe audiences during its 2-week season (21 Feb – 4 Mar).

Click here for further information and to book your tickets. You can also follow Cheryl and Chardee on Facebook.

Produced by Lisa Harper Campbell

Image by Matt Ralph (5 Quarter Designs), Adelaide Fringe Media Portal

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