Ken Matthews: Malay Thai Border and Borneo

Posted on: Mon 15 Jan 2018

We re-visit part of Ken’s story about his service with D Company, 3rd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (3 RAR) on the Malay/Thai border and Borneo during the 1960s.

Producer Helen Meyer


6 Pl B Coy 3 RAR – end of Borneo operations 1965. Waiting at Bau Chopper Pad to fly out to RN Commando Carrier HMS Albion. Photo provided by Ken Matthews.

Back L to R:  L Gooch, S Davies, B Bevan, ? , G Norley, ? , ? , R Curry, S McLeod, W Shillabear, ? , R Breward, ? , L Watson, D McCulloch.

Front L – R:  Iban Scout, S Chesser, ? , ? , J Todd, K Matthews, C McEvoy, W Grinter, J Saxby, Iban Scout, ? .

Front Centre:  2nd Lieutenant RK Pettit


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