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Len Murray and Trevor Powell

Posted on: Mon 25 Dec 2017

Trevor Powell President of CMSSA  chats about many things with that wonderful Scottish Orator, Lecturer, Len Murray…   retired Justice of the Peace, Bachelor of Law, Solicitor to the Supreme Courts of Scotland.  Len says he was born in Glasgow a long time ago…  certainly long before Traffic Wardens were ever invented.

Len’s reputation as an Orator is spread far and wide…  What do they talk about?  Well…

Part 1:   The Wit of the Year/The Wag of the Year.  Law reform in Scotland.  Justice delayed. The proper administration of Justice.

Part 2:  Rioting in every major town in Scotland.  Shame at  being united with England.  UK misunderstood.  Len’s love of the works of Robert Burns.

Part 3:  Great ideas of freedom and liberty were sweeping the world..  The failure of Darien.  One quarter of the wealth of Scotland lost.  Capital punishment

Producer Helen McLeod Meyer

CMSSA:  Clan MacLeod Society of South Australia

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