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Adelaide Central School of Art 2017 Grad Showcase

Posted on: Sun 3 Dec 2017

Lisa caught up with three soon-to-be graduates from the Adelaide Central School of Art about their Graduate Showcase.

Lucia Dohrmann’s body of work consists of abstract paintings that emphasise materiality and process rather than pictorial imagery.

Through studio-led research that positions itself at the nexus of painting, photography and the moving image, Craig Glasson seeks to explore the act of looking, watching and spectating.

Chelsea Farquhar interrogates spaces that exist between her body and objects in the world.

These artists’ works as well as those of 27 other graduates will be on display 9-22 December. Click here for further information.

Produced by Lisa Harper Campbell 

Image supplied by Beth Shimmin, Adelaide Central School of Art: installation detail, Alycia Bennett, Cloudspace, 2017. Photo by James Field.

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