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Radio Adelaide memberships now open

Posted on: Mon 27 Nov 2017

For the first time in Radio Adelaide’s 45 year history, listeners are invited to become members.

Members have a more direct say in the future direction of Radio Adelaide by electing the board of directors at annual general meetings. It is envisaged that the first AGM will be held by May 2018.

Radio Adelaide holds a broadcast licence in the education category. To best serve its community of interest we strongly encourage membership by educational institutions, teachers, lecturers, students and listeners with an interest in educational and informative programming.

Annual membership fees are the same as supporter fees ($75 standard and $40 concession). You can choose to be a member or a supporter. If you’d like to support the station and vote on governance at AGMs, please become a member. If you don’t want input on governance but still want to support the station, please become or remain a supporter.

Becoming a supporter

If you’d like to become a supporter, please see the annual and monthly options here.

Becoming a member if you’re not a current supporter

If you’re not a current supporter and would like to become a member, please see the annual and monthly options here.

Becoming a member if you are a current supporter

If you’re a current supporter and would like to become a member, please complete the form below to have the remainder of your financial supporter status transferred to a membership.

Note: Please note that this does not apply to holders of lifetime subscriptions paid previously to the University of Adelaide. Under former licence holder the University of Adelaide, Radio Adelaide offered lifetime subscriptions. Those subscriptions were honoured by new licence holder Educational Broadcasters Adelaide Inc and subscribers were made lifetime supporters. However, this does not automatically entitle the supporter to a lifetime membership with voting rights of Educational Broadcasters Adelaide Inc. Lifetime supporters wishing to become members should apply here.

Conditions of membership:

  1. Membership is open to Radio Adelaide’s community of interest as determined by its community broadcasting licence, which is persons with an interest in educational programming who reside in the Adelaide metropolitan area.
  2. Members’ financial status must be current to be eligible to vote in any ballots put to the membership.
I am a currently financial supporter and hereby apply to become a member of Educational Broadcasters Adelaide Inc, trading as Radio Adelaide, and have the remainder of my supporter status transferred to a membership.


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