Hoi Polloi: A Casual Choir for Community & Collaboration

Posted on: Sat 18 Nov 2017

Hoi Polloi describes itself as slightly organised group, singing. They bring an ensemble together, learn a song (including harmonies) and perform – all in a matter of hours!

On Sunday 19 November, Hoi Polloi is holding a fundraiser for the Port Adelaide Artists’ Forum at the Gallery Yampu Old Port Sailing Club from 3pm. Click here for further information.

Lisa caught up with founder of Hoi Polloi Adelaide, Gina Zoia, to chat about the group, its goals to bring people together and the weekend’s event. Head to the Hoi Polloi Facebook page to find out more.

Produced by Lisa Harper Campbell

Image supplied by and used with permission from Gina Zoia of Hoi Polloi Adelaide

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