Bruce Pascoe and ‘Dark Emu’

Posted on: Wed 18 Oct 2017

In this week’s program, we talk with Bruce Pascoe, who is the author of a number of books, including ‘Convincing Ground’ and ‘Dark Emu – Black Seeds: Agriculture or accident?’ These books focus on the significance of Aboriginal agriculture, the caring for and knowledge of country, and the level of social organisation that existed long before colonisation. They highlight the extent to which Australia’s mainstream history has misrepresented and undervalued the place and contribution of Aboriginal peoples.

Bruce Pascoe uses the evidence provided by the colonial explorers themselves, in order to explain the nature and value of the contribution made by Aboriginal peoples before settlement and at the time that Australia was colonised.

Bruce has also been involved in a number of television programs and documentaries, such as the SBS TV series, ‘First Australians’.

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