AJJ Enlightens Us with “The Bible 2”

Posted on: Mon 2 Oct 2017

AJJ formally known as Andrew Jackson Jihad, are currently touring Australia with their sixth album “The Bible 2”.

The band arise from the Phoenix, Arizona garage punk sence. They’ve toured Australia with the Smith Street Band, Wil Wanger has said about front man Sean Bonnette “Sean might be my favourite lyricist and we’re all lucky to have his songs in our lives“.

AJJ are renowned for their honest and raw lyrics and their newest album “The Bible 2” does not fall short of this reputation.

If you’d like to catch AJJ at the Ed Castle this Wednesday  the 4th of October, you can find all information here.

Tom Mann and Ian Newton speak with Sean Bonnette from AJJ to discuss more.

Produced by Zoe Kounadis

Image Sourced: The Zender Agenda via Wikimedia Commons



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