Is Afterpay as good as it seems?

Posted on: Wed 20 Sep 2017

The modern lay-by system, afterpay has been hitting Australian retailers quickly – and consumers are loving it.

It’s been introduced to 7,200 retailers across Australia.

Stores like David Jones, Officeworks and even Jetstar have introduced Afterpay.

But is it a way to spend responsibly or could it lead to more problems than before?

South Australian Council of Social Services’ Chief Executive, Ross Womersley is concerned about the system, “we know South Australian’s and Australian’s generally have high levels of in-deptness. There are countless examples of people building up huge amounts of debts and they get enticed into doing these things and then find it very difficult to pay.”

Ross Womersley joins Breakfast’s Morgan and Tom to share his perspective.

Produced by Kvitka Becker

Image source: Flickr


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