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The Rise of Synthetic Cannabis in NZ

Posted on: Mon 18 Sep 2017

In 2013, the New Zealand Government passed the Psychoactive Substances Act, outlawing synthetic cannabis across the nation.

4 years on, synthetic cannabis is still having an effect upon the nation,  with 20 deaths being linked to the drug in the past year.

“Outlawing synthetic cannabis seemed like the best option (in 2013)… we had a lot of people dying but definitely not as many as we have now” said Kiwi Correspondent Pearl Little.

In the wake of these deaths, it’s evident that a different approach needs to be taken to tackle this issue. Whether or not this happens could be dependent on the result of the Federal Election this week.

Kiwi Correspondent Pearl Little joined Ian Newton and Tom Mann to discuss this issue and how the result of this election could impact the result.

Produced by Milly Schultz-Boylen

Image sourced from Pixabay


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