Hostage to coal!

Posted on: Sun 10 Sep 2017

Energy giant AGL has delivered sharp rebuff to Malcolm Turnbull’s plea to extend the life of the Liddell  coal-fired power station by at least five years. AGL has stated that they’re getting out of coal and have committed to the closure of the Liddell power station in 2022, the end of its operating life. But Mr Turnbull continues to be determined to keep Liddell open. To find out more Barometer’s Des Lawrence spoke to Suzanne Harter, Climate Change and Clean Energy Campaigner at the Australian Conservation Foundation.

Wiki image: Webaware – Public Domain

Trying to keep dirty Liddell coal plant open past its use-by date is ridiculous

Turnbull puts all options on the table to keep AGL’s Liddell coal-fired power station going



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