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Parklands Dry Zone to continue for two years

Posted on: Wed 23 Aug 2017

The Adelaide City Council have voted to extend the parklands “Dry Zone” for another two years.  

Many welfare and anti-poverty advocates condemn dry zones for being punitive, racist and for criminalising alcoholism.

Councillor, Phillip Martin was the only one who voted against the dry zone, “he spoke well and thoughtfully and eloquently and intelligently against the dry zone and the other councillors voted along with the administration recommendation that the dry zone be continued for another two years,” says Joyce Vandersman, Coordinator at the Adelaide Day Centre For Homeless Persons.

A letter went before the council stating, “we urge you not to seek an extension to the parklands dry zone because we believe that the dry zone is racist in effect,” Vandersman recounted.

Joyce Vandersman joins Breakfast’s Jennie and Ian to discuss.

Produced by Tim Sutherland

Image source: Wikimedia Commons


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