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Confessions of a Joke-A-Holic

Posted on: Wed 26 Jul 2017

Why was James Bond charged with drink driving? He was .007 said Peter Asche, who was diagnosed with joke-a-holism about 5 years ago.

Asche takes the joke writing trade very seriously – or, as seriously as any jokester can.

His compilation ‘Pete’s Jokes: Confessions of a Joke-a-holic’ is in its 11th edition and spreading laughs all across Australia already.

“About 5 years ago I started developing an interest in doing crosswords and I think that motivated the right aspect of my brain to be more creative and the jokes started flowing”, Asche told Radio Adelaide.

When asked whether there is is there a formula for creating jokes, “the jokes just seem to come into my conscious mind one after the other, just like an assembly line” he said.

Author and jokester Peter Asche was live in the studio this morning with Jennie Lenman, listen in to the full podcast here:

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