NZ Green’s MP Lied To Survive

Posted on: Mon 24 Jul 2017

Co-leader of the Green party in New Zealand, Metiria Turei, has admitted to previously lying in order to get extra benefits from the Government to help rise her child.

“It has resonated with a lot of people who are struggling to get by.”

She told her story in face of a campaign for benefit reform, as the Greens announce their $1.5 billion families package. There are calls for her to resign or payback the money.

Moreover, there is a real concern that the Kauri tress will be wiped out of New Zealand in the next 20 years. The trees have been subject to diseases which are ultimately killing them.

The last remaining New Zealand territories, Tokelau, has been gifted a ship by the New Zealand government. This new ship will take the pressure off the countries inter atoll travel.

Our New Zealand correspondent Mackenzie Smith from 95bFM joins Jennie Lenman on Breakfast to discuss more.



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