Ken Matthews: Let me share my story – Part 2 final

Posted on: Mon 24 Jul 2017

In a quiet tree-lined street in a Melbourne suburb,  Ken Matthews, a Veteran of both the Malaya/Borneo conflict and the Vietnam War, sat at his dining-room table recently and recorded his experiences.  Enlisting in 1960 with the intention of becoming a motor mechanic, he discovered he was too old for an Army apprenticeship, and found himself in the infantry instead.   Last week Ken’s story took us from recruit training through to the jungles of Malaya and Borneo with 3RAR.   Today we take up where we left off last week…  in Malaya and Borneo, and hence to Vietnam.

Malaya/Borneo continued:

Malaya/Borneo to Vietnam and retirement:

Producer Helen Meyer

Photo L to R   Chris McEvoy and Ken Matthews 3 RAR HQ Bau Chopper Pad Borneo 1965.  Photo provided by K Matthews

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