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An Education Of Extremes: Independent Theatre’s “Cry God For Harry”

Posted on: Sun 23 Jul 2017

Rob Croser (Artistic Director of Independent Theatre) kindly joined Lisa in the studio to discuss the company’s upcoming production, “Cry God For Harry.”

An original adaptation, created by Croser himself, “Cry God For Harry” explores the formative years of Hal (later the great Henry V) by weaving together excerpts from Shakespeare’s Richard II, Henry IV and Henry V plays.

Who/what was it that most influenced the creation of Henry V? Was it the strict father (Henry IV) in the palace or the fun-loving mentor (Falstaff) in the tavern?

August 4th-12th at the Space Theatre. Further information can be found here. You can like Independent Theatre on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. Book tickets at BASS.

Produced by Lisa Harper Campbell

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