The Citizenship Saga: How does it keep happening?

Posted on: Wed 19 Jul 2017

Just days after former Senator Scott Ludlam was forced to resign, news broke yesterday of a second resignation from Green’s Co-Deputy Leader, Larissa Waters.

Both resignations spurred from citizenship issues; a dual national cannot stand for election under the Australian Constitution.

But how does this keep happening?

Political scientist in the School of Social Sciences at Monash University and co-author of Australian Politics for Dummies, Dr Zareh Ghazarian said that this keeps happening because the Australian Constitution states that politicians cannot have any loyalties to other countries, “in these two cases you can hardly say that the two citizens have deep loyalties to their birth countries but it is, unfortunately for them, a technical requirement not to have any other citizenship”.

Ghazarian agreed that the rules are outdated but given that only 8 out of 44 referendum questions in our history have been passed he said that he doesn’t think Australian’s are willing to change the status quo.

Dr Zareh Ghazarian joined Jennie Lenman this morning to discuss. You can listen back to the full interview here:

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