Recognise the State of Palestine

Posted on: Sun 16 Jul 2017

The South Australian Parliament passed a motion on June 22 calling on the Commonwealth of Australia to recognise the State of Palestine. The Ambassador of the State of Palestine has described the motion as historical, principled and fair, representing the even-handedness of the SA parliamentarians. He hopes that the Australian Government will respond positively to this moral voice and recognise immediately the State of Palestine as key approach to save the two state solution. Mike Khizam, Executive Officer of the Australian Friends of Palestine has applauded the leadership shown by the South Australian House of Assembly in calling for the recognition of the State of Palestine by the Commonwealth Government. A Peace of the Action’s Des Lawrence spoke to him about the events in state parliament. Image: flickr – Chetanya Robinson (CC BY 2.0)

South Australia Parliament (SA) calls on the Commonwealth Government of Australia to recognise the State of Palestine

South Australia gets on the right side of history



A Peace of the Action

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