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LGBT Issues in the Workplace

Posted on: Wed 12 Jul 2017

While our country has come a long way in terms of equality and fair treatment in the workplace, it’s undeniable that there are often still subtle prejudices which can make it very difficult for professionals who identify as LGBT.

Riki Sutherland, Program Management professional at KPMG Australia identifies himself as a queer male and he described his experience in the workforce as a mixed bag, but the barriers he faced have been more subtle.

Statistics have shown that only half the population of gay people feel comfortable to be fully out in the workplace, “people aren’t coming out because they are worried about these sorts of ramifications that are really quite real,” said Sutherland.

Sutherland spoke about KPMG’s inclusion program, “something that we have proactively done at KPMG to promote a positive LGBT culture is to start internal networks.”

Riki Sutherland spoke to Jennie Lenman about his experiences being queer in the professional world.

If you need any support, head to Pride in Diversity or Beyond Blue

Listen in to the full podcast here.

Produced by Tim Sutherland

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