Hamburg G20 Summit described as mayhem and madness

Posted on: Wed 12 Jul 2017

The 2017 G20 Summit in Hamburg lead to hundreds of violent anti-capitalist protesters descending on the city. 

Protesters were linked to radical left wing grounds which was generally expected said our European Correspondent from Dutsche Welle, Ineke Mules.

Mules described some of the slogans the protesters had, “one of the most radical of them had a slogan which was ‘welcome to hell’…basically they said they were protesting against this anti neoliberal agenda and very anti capitalist agenda but the message tended to get a bit lost given that the violence and the vandalism that came out of this. People have been talking about that more than the actual message that they were trying to send”.

The two day event was described as two days of mayhem and madness and the damage has been estimated between $130-180 million euros.

European correspondent from Deutsche Welle, Ineke Mules, joined Breakfast producer Tom Mann for more.

Produced by Tom Mann

Image sourced from Wikimedia Commons



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