Justice at last for Morant, Handcock, Witton and Thomas?

Posted on: Mon 10 Jul 2017

Royal Australian Navy Reserves Officer, Lawyer James Unkles is highly experienced in Military Law.  James joins us in a telephone link-up from Melbourne to talk about the legal aspects surrounding the trial 115 years ago of Australian Boer War Volunteers, Harry (The Breaker) Morant, Peter Handcock and George Witton.  Morant and Handcock were executed.  What of the Australian Lawyer, James F Thomas who represented the three men at the trial?  Was justice done?  Some say ‘yes‘  some say ‘no‘,  Some of Australia’s top legal minds say ‘Definitely NOT!‘  James explains in today’s program that the tyranny of time doesn’t lessen an injustice.  Is there news on the horizon?

Interviewer Helen Meyer

Photos provided by James Unkles

James Unkles at the grave of Morant and Handcock in Pretoria, South Africa.  Insert JF Thomas (the lawyer who defended Morant, Handcock and Witton) at the same grave in 1902

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