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Calling all Roundabout listeners!

Posted on: Mon 3 Jul 2017

If you’re a listener of our weekday seniors’ program Roundabout, please help the team better understand their audience by completing the following survey. All feedback is very much appreciated!

Roundabout Listener Survey July 2017

Roundabout aims to entertain with easy listening music and inform our listeners through community announcements and interviews on a range of topics relevant to older South Australians. In this survey we are seeking your opinions on how well we meet these aims. Please give us feedback by indicating your agreement or disagreement with the following statements. (There is space provided for comments if you wish to further define your views.)
  • I find the information provided by guest speakers to be relevant and useful
  • I enjoy the music played
  • I find Roundabout entertaining
  • I would recommend Roundabout to a friend
  • I have acted on information provided through Roundabout
  • I feel better informed to make choices affecting my life due to the information presented on Roundabout
  • I feel better connected to my community as a result of listening to Roundabout
  • Name
  • Email


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