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Sonya Ryan Reflects 10 Years On

Posted on: Mon 19 Jun 2017

Carly’s Law was passed last Thursday in Federal Parliament. Carly’s Law is named after Carly Ryan who was murdered 10 years ago after she was lied to on the internet by a 50-year-old man pretending to be 18-years-old.

“She was really  a compassionate, loving girl, she was really sensitive and I think this is very much in line to what  she would want to see happening”

Sonya Ryan, Carly’s mother, joins Jennie Lenman to reflect on Carly, the new law and how children will now be better protected. Please visit the Carly Ryan Foundation, to found out more.

You can hear Nick Xenophon’s interview about Carly’s Law, here.

Produced by Jennie Lenman and Zoe Kounadis

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