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On This Day – 19 June

Posted on: Mon 19 Jun 2017

On this day in history, we saw Pablo Escobar finally surrender to Colombian police after a 7 year man-hunt. The billionaire drug lord became the wealthiest prisoner at the time.

Also on this day, the first woman to enter space, Valentina Tereshkova, landed safely back to earth after her 3 day space venture and orbiting the Earth 48 times.

Lastly, Sir Paul McCartney gave a very interesting interview to the ITN in 1967, he admitted to taking LSD, which we in 2017 can look back with no surprise at all, but in ’67 it was a huge scandal.

Jennie Lenman speaks with breakfast producer, Zoe Kounadis, to find out more.

Produced by Zoe Kounadis

Imaged Sourced: Wikimedia Commons


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