Re-framing how we discuss terror

Posted on: Wed 7 Jun 2017

The recent wave of shocking violent attacks, both in the United Kindom and in Melbourne have dominated media outlets and news feeds.

Condemnation of these acts, proclamations of terror, impending threats and fear have been common themes of news headlines.

But is terrorism the right word to use to describe these incidents?

Dr John Bruni, the chief executive officer of SAGE International said, “If we label an insane act as an act of terrorism, people after a while start believing that.”

He said the strategic narrative needs to be changed; the constant link between terrorism and Islam drives the division even more. “These acts that we label as terrorism are really acts of deranged criminals who have no strategic, coherent vision of the world. Why are we endangering 99% of law-abiding Muslim citizens who live among us with our biases because we are labelling these crazed individuals with words of power.”

Dr Bruni spoke with Jennie Lenman on Breakfast.



Produced by Kvitka Becker

Image source: Flickr


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