GPCAPT Greg Weller: WW2 Bomber Command

Posted on: Mon 5 Jun 2017

On   04 June  a group of local veterans and authorities gathered to remember those who served in Bomber Command during WW2 in Europe.  This service commemorated one of the most epic and devastating campaigns of the war.  For more than 5 years, thousands of allied aircrew and ground support personnel fought in what was to become the longest and most costly campaign of WW2.

More than 55,000 members of Bomber Command lost their lives over the 5 year campaign.  About 10,000 Australian airmen served with Bomber Command, making up approximately 9 per cent of its strength. They served in a number of Australian squadrons but also in RAF and allied squadrons.  Of those 10,000 Australians, just over one-third lost their lives.  Incredibly, while those 10,000 Australians who served in Bomber Command represented just over 1% of all the Australians in uniform during World War 2, they accounted for over 10% of Australia’s war dead.  A tragic statistic.  Today Greg Weller tells us about that period, and about 4 of those young Australians who served with distinction.  Two of them were South Australians.

Speaker:  Group Captain Greg Weller


Photo Provided by GPCAPT Greg Weller – 462 Sqn  circa World War 2

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