Santos Museum of Economic Botany – the only one!

Posted on: Wed 31 May 2017

What makes Adelaide’s Santos Museum of Economic Botany so amazing?  Well, because this beautiful facility that has been nestled in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens since 1881  is the only one of its kind left in the world!  We tend to think that concern for the environment and minimising waste is a newish phenomenon…   not so!   136 years ago South Australians were concerned about these issues.  Tony Kanellos, Manager, Cultural Collections at the Museum popped in to chat on Roundabout… and told us why we should all pay a visit to this unique facility…  be proud of it, and discover the importance of plants in our lives; past, present and future..

Interviewer Helen Meyer


Photo by Grant Hancock, provided courtesy of History SA.  Santos Museum of Economic Botany

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