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Stories from Taji: Sgt Peter Papalia. Tank Safety Supervisor

Posted on: Mon 29 May 2017

Sharon Mascall-Dare delivers another ‘Story from Taji’…

Operation Okra is Australia’s contribution in the Middle East region to International efforts against DAESH and their campaign of terrorism.  Today Sgt Peter Papalia explains an infantry, aviation,  armour and engineers current activity , and what his role is in it…  training the Iraqi forces.   He talks about aspects of the ongoing training.  Sharon asks him “What’s the difference between training an Australian Soldier and training an Iraqi soldier?”  You’ll have to listen to find out the answer!

Photo provided by Defence Image Gallery:  Sergeant Peter Papalia, from Task Group Taji 4, in front of an Iraqi Army M1 Abrams main battle tank at Taji Military Complex Iraq

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