Hands across the sand

Posted on: Wed 17 May 2017

Hundreds of people will be coming together and joining hands at Glenelg beach to say yes to clean energy and no to inappropriate exploration and drilling in our seas.

The Wilderness Society is hosting Adelaide’s Hands Across the Sand on Saturday 20 May 2017, “it’s an international event about communities across the world standing together and holding hands along their beaches and saying no to the rapid expansion of high risk deep sea drilling,” said The Wilderness Society’s, Peter Owen.

This is just one of many events across the globe fighting for the environment, Owen said the event in Australia is focused on raising awareness and encouraging the Australian Government to step in and stop the proposals to turn the Great Australian Bight into an oil field.

Owen added that deep sea drilling in the bight is filled with very serious risks, “we know it will put tens of thousands of existing jobs at risk. We know that it’s putting an incredible marine environment at risk. We know that the expansion of the industry can’t happen if we’re going to have a liveable climate in future. This march is very significant on the weekend.”

Peter Owen from the Wilderness Society joined Jennie Lenman to discuss. 

Produced by Kvitka Becker

Image sourced from wilderness.org.au


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