Firings, conspiracies & fraud in US news

Posted on: Wed 17 May 2017

The Washington Post revealed that, in a White House meeting, President Trump shared highly classified information with the Russian Foreign Minister and Russian Ambassador to the United States. “Trump had the Russian Foreign Minister  and Ambassador in the White Gouse with a Russian photographer present without any US press allowed. That’s alarming to begin with,” said US Correspondent Taylor Kaplan.

The nature of his relationship with Russia is still unknown but Kaplan said, “No matter what the secret is here, it seems that Donald Trump is in deep with some relations to the Russian Government.”

Further to this, Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey has raised questions about the internal workings of the administration, as well as deepened the mystery of Trump’s ties to Russia.

Jennie Lenman spoke with our US Correspondent, Taylor Kaplan. To read more from Taylor, click here.



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