Budget Targets ‘Most Vulnerable’

Posted on: Wed 10 May 2017

The 2017 Federal Budget has been announced and welfare payments are being consolidated, Centrelink is cracking down on job seekers, 5000 new welfare recipients will be drug tested in a new trial, and the cashless debit card will be introduced in two new locations.

Ross Womersley from the South Australian Council of Social Services said, “What we’ve seen again is that some of the most vulnerable people are demonised … as though they are the problem, they’re the people to blame for their own circumstances and for the fact that we have to spend money on them.”

A demerit point welfare system has been introduced and it will punish job seekers who miss appointments, don’t fulfil their job seeking activities or form job plans. “It just places people in a position of jeopardy and treats them as if they are to blame for their circumstances. What we know is that in so many instances the business of job seeking in a context where you might not get one positive response to your job applications in months, particularly to those who have been unemployed for long periods of time can be absolutely devastating,” said Ross Womersley.

Ross Womersley joined Jennie Lenman to uncover the effects the budget will have on welfare recipients.

Produced by Kvitka Becker

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