Creative reflections on a nuclear legacy

Posted on: Mon 19 Sep 2016

Tree of Life Gift of Peace unveiling ceremony at Nagasaki Peace Park 18 April 2016; Jeremy LeBois Chair Maralinga Tjarutja Council and Russell Bryant Chair Yalata Community with Mayor and Chair of Nagasaki City Council.

With two waste dumps currently being proposed for our state, nuclear issues are in the news.  An exhibition at Tandanya offers a different, personal and creative perspective on nuclear legacies.

The NUCLEAR exhibition showcases an Australia Council project that links artists with atomic survivor communities around the world.  It includes work by the Yalata Anangu Aboriginal Community. Yalata  is one of several communities affected by nuclear weapons testing carried out at Maralinga and Emu Field in the 1950s and 60s.

The original of their sculpture ‘Tree of Life: Gift of Peace’ was gifted to Nagasaki Peace Park in April 2016 and a replica is at the Tandanya show.

Project producer Paul Brown and community member and community contributor Stephen Harrison tell us about the works.

NUCLEAR – is at Tandanya from 17 September to 12 November 2016


Produced by Lucy Kingston

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